AG General Forms

2023 Annual Gathering Scholarship Request Form

Deadline: December 19th

Proposals for 2023 Annual Gathering (in-person and virtual)

Deadline: November 27th

For ARJE Members, Chaver Society members, and Houston area Jewish professionals to submit a proposal to present at the Annual Gathering.


Award Nomination Forms

Distinguished Educator Nomination 

Deadline: November 27th

Nominate an ARJE member who has represents ARJE values and has made significant contributions to Reform Jewish Education.

Yad B'Yad Award 

Deadline: December 19th

For ARJE members to apply based on their implementation of learning from last year's annual gathering. 

ARJE Honors

ARJE Honoree Information Form

Deadline: December 19th

For ARJE leadership and ARJE members celebrating milestones so that ARJE can contact their supporters and help them honor those individuals.


2023 Ad Journal Purchase Form

Deadline: December 19th

For anyone who wishes to honor an ARJE member or place an advertisement for our 2023 Ad Journal.