Posted on November 26th, 2016

Annual Gathering Sneak Peek

Registration is now open for our ARJE Annual Gathering in 2017, “The Intentional Leader: Charting and Navigating the Waters,” January 23-25, 2017. Register here.

As professional practitioners, we all study leadership in one form or another – and work to practice it in all aspects of our profession. Join us to explore new approaches, develop additional resources, and come away with hands-on techniques to use as our organizations change and adjust to our turbulent times.

Our excellent teachers and scholars include Rabbi Sam Joseph, Dr. Isa Aron, Larry Dressler and Mark Robinson – each of whom will present different approaches to intentional leadership.

Here is a sampling of just two workshops:

Hakarat Hatov: Engaging Others in Asset-based Conversations
Abraham Joshua Heschel once wrote, “to be spiritual is to be amazed.” The widely used organizational change methodology called Appreciative Inquiry (AI) puts Heschel’s concept of radical amazement into practice. Learn the basic principles and tools involved in shifting yourself and others from a problem-reacting to an outcome-creating orientation. AI can be used with staff teams, volunteer committees, and even entire congregations.Trained by the creators of AI, Larry Dressler has used this approach with groups ranging in size from 5 to 500 participants.

Interpersonal Conflict as a Creative Opportunity
For most of us the greatest stressors in our lives are the conflicts that arise over and over again in the relationships we have with those we are closest to. Be it spouse or children or in-laws or boss, these persistent patterns of conflict are typically more difficult than even financial or health issues. In this workshop we will explore these struggles as opportunities for our own personal and spiritual growth and transformation. We will get very down to earth and practical about how such transformation can happen.