ARJE 2019

ARJE Annual Gathering

The Nachshon Effect: Facing the Sea of Change

Washington, DC
January 14-16, 2019

Omni Shoreham Hotel

ARJE Virtual Ad Journal DC 2019

Successful Jewish educational leaders need to be effective, skilled, and capable change agents. The world around us is in a rapid state of change that doesn’t stop at the gateways to our learning environments. Leaders must be able to see a 360-degree view of the changing landscape in which we work. Successful Jewish educators respond to the rapid pace of change by evaluating and determining whether to implement new ideas and programming in our learning communities.

There are many theories of change and frequent opportunities to implement change. Educational leaders design appropriate change processes for different projects. Each change process requires both an element of leadership and an element of tsimtsum – leaders must know when to draw back and let the process unfold. Leaders find partners and build alliances. The ARJE Gathering will provide opportunities to network, share, mentor, develop strategies and learn about change processes.

Enduring Understanding:
The world around us is in a rapid state of change that has a powerful effect on our institutions and on our responsibilities as Jewish educational leaders.

Essential Questions

  1. How do educational leaders stay aware of events and trends that impact our institutions and learners?
  2. When might educational leaders decide to participate in a change process?
  3. What skills and capacities do educational leaders need to be successful change agents?
  4. How do educational leaders collaborate with stakeholders in order to effectively implement change?