Posted on December 7th, 2015

Bringing Light

When I agreed to take on this task of putting forth the ARJEachshav newsletter, I began to think about how ARJEachshav could really serve us as an organization, offering thoughtful ideas for our whole membership to consider on a regular basis. I also was hoping to hear from voices that might be different or unique within our membership. So here’s the newest incarnation of ARJEachshav, offering a smorgasbord of ideas and thoughts from members of our organization. The assignment was “Bringing Light” – a purposefully broad opportunity to think about how we can or are already bringing light to Jewish education in many different ways and settings. I hope you enjoy reading about niche programming and how it is being applied in NFTY or perhaps you’re inspired to learn how to take Jewish arts programming to a new level. Read a little about bringing Mussar study to a teaching staff, and explore the Jewish Educational Theory of Everything! The D’var Torah delivered at the ARJE Leadership Meetings in October reminds us of our “superhero” status, and our President tells us of 8 gifts of our organization. We’ll also explore the idea that “raising” an organization is a little like raising a child.

I like to think of this month’s issue as a Chanukah gift — learning and ideas to enhance and enrich your world. I hope you enjoy! Chag urim sameach!