SUGGESTED GUIDELINES FOR ETHICAL BEHAVIORS “A person should always measure their actions as if the Holy One dwells with them.” — Babylonian Talmud, Taanit 11a-b As members of ARJE, the Association of Reform Jewish Educators, we are obligated to maintain Judaism’s highest standards and to serve as role models in both our personal and professional lives. It is incumbent upon us to act consistently with all established policies, procedures, handbooks and regulations of the organization of which a member is an employee and also, when applicable, local, state and national laws, regulations and ordinances. Along with ARJE’s vision, mission and values statements, this “Suggested Guidelines for Ethical Behaviors” is to serve as a foundation for thoughtful reflection on our behavior inside and outside of the workplace. Regarding personal and professional relationships, ARJE members should:

  • Act with g’milut chasadim (loving-kindness)conduct relationships in an open and honest way, and treat others with dignity and fairness
  • Strike a healthy balance between our work lives and our personal lives to prevent our responsibilities to either domain from being compromised

Regarding finances, ARJE members should:

  • Exhibit honesty and integrity in all financial management
  • Follow established accounting systems for all temple/organizational funds
  • Fulfill financial obligations to ARJE
  • Reasonably cooperate with any organizational professionals or leadership charged with handling of finances and financial management

Regarding sexual behaviors and sexual harassment, ARJE members should:

  • Maintain the trust of committed relationships
  • Establish a work environment that fosters kavod (respect) for all in our organizations and community regardless of race, color, age, marital status, national origin, disability, gender or sexual orientation
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries in all situations and avoid harassment

Regarding confidentiality, ARJE members should:

  • Treat information related to others with honor and respect, considering the appropriate times and places for discussion and sharing
  • Protect the confidentiality of documents
  • Obtain appropriate consent to share confidential information

Regarding intellectual property, ARJE members should:

  • Follow copyright laws and credit the work of others
  • Present credentials and other information in an honest and accurate manner

Regarding controlled substances, ARJE members should:

  • Follow local, state and national ordinances, as well as organizational policies
  • Maintain appropriate behavior in the use of all controlled substances

Regarding implementation of professional obligations, ARJE members should:

  • Negotiate contracts in good faith
  • Make a diligent and good-faith effort to fulfill the legal agreements into which we enter
  • Avoid abuse of power we are granted

If these written guidelines do not address other issues that may arise, then ARJE members should inquire from an appropriate authority within the organization of which she or he is an employee. Endorsed by NATE’s Board of Directors December 8, 2009 — Alexandria, Virginia Updated to Reflect Name Change from NATE to ARJE