Posted on February 13th, 2014

Little Did I Know…

It happened just a short time after I retired. A large and heavy envelope arrived in the mail. The return address was a real surprise. It was from an officer in the U.S. Army. I wondered why was I receiving this package?


I quickly tore open the envelope and extracted all kinds of information on a young army officer’s activities. The enclosed letter explained it all. It began with the words, ” This is a long overdue thank you for all that you did for me at Temple Israel.”


Again I looked at the sender’s name and it started to sound familiar. Oh yes, he was that student aide that assisted me on Sunday mornings.

What had I done for him? Nothing special that I could recall. The only thing that I could remember was thanking him after one very busy day. I told him that he was so bright and competent that he made my life much easier.

Who knew that a few words casually spoken would so long be remembered.


” There is a good word which is better than a gift.”  Apocrypha: Ben Sira


Ruth S. Gruber, FRE, RJE

Past President

Ziknay NATE