Posted on January 2nd, 2014

NATE Fall 2013 Leadership Meetings

Our ARJE Operations and Governance leadership gathered together in the fall for one of the largest ever leadership meetings of our organization. With over 60 ARJE leaders participating, we were able to see first hand the work so many of our volunteers do for the benefit of our members and our organization. Read on for a summary of the salient deliberations and decisions.

ARJE Board Meeting
• The Board approved a proposal to provide virtual participation and hosting of the annual ARJE Plenary meeting. The constitutionally mandated plenary meeting has in the past taken place during a ARJE professional development gathering. With this decision, the time and location of the Plenary meeting may be uncoupled from a professional development gathering and those not present in-person will be able to participate in the deliberations.
• The Board reviewed and approved the annual audit of NATE’s finances. Our independent auditor once again found our organization to be financially sound and in good standing.
• The Board approved the establishment of a new Leadership Recruitment and Development committee to be chaired by Marisa Kaiser and Vanessa Ehrlich. The purpose of the committee is to create and implement a plan that will promote the development of future leaders of NATE.
• The Board continued a series of conversations about the ARJE mission and how we can best identify and meet the needs of ARJE members. Two separate task forces are working on these issues. The Mission Statement task force is being chaired by Mara Braunfeld and Lisa Lieberman Barzilai. The task force on Assessing the Needs of ARJE Members is being chaired by Anne Berman Waldorf and Josh Mason-Barkin.

Joint Board and Operations Meeting
• Participants in this meeting include leadership of the Board and the Operations teams, as well as chairs of each of our Board and Operations committees.
• The leadership spent time studying with Rabbi Andrew Paley, Temple Shalom, Dallas, TX who was our host for our leadership team meetings
• As a way of kicking off the work of the newly formed Leadership Recruitment and Development committee, the leadership discussed and brainstormed ways to create a culture of leadership development in NATE. The ideas generated are going back to the committee for them to consider in development of the plan described above.
• The leadership reviewed progress on the ARJE Salary Survey, discussed recruitment to the HUC-JIR Executive Masters Program, the HUC- ARJE Interns program as well as the work of each of the Operations teams: Advocacy, Communications, Professional Learning, and Membership

ARJE Operations Team Meeting
• In trying to build greater collaboration between the Operations Teams, the Operations leadership spent time sharing work being done as well as identifying opportunities for further collaboration.
• All of the teams continued to diligently work on procedures for their areas of responsibility by writing protocols. These protocols will be accessible to all teams and committees and will allow leadership to find opportunities for collaboration that will enhance the experience our members have of ARJE and our services.

At the end of our meetings, ARJE leaders expressed how wonderful it was to be able to sit face-to-face, with lots of new people at the table, and to work collaboratively together. These meetings allow ARJE leaders to create deeper personal relationships with other each other. Leaders leave inspired by seeing everyone working so hard for the good of NATE.