Posted on October 21st, 2013

Nominate an Up-and-Coming Educator for the HUC-NATE Interns Program – Deadline Nov. 15

The Holy Days have come and gone, and the ARJE Kallah in Chicago will be here before we know it! We hope you will consider nominating a college student or recent college graduate for the HUC-ARJE Interns Program that will take place at the upcoming Kallah, March 20-22, 2014.

The purpose of this program is to give young people who are considering careers in Jewish education a concrete sense of the expanse of the professional field of Jewish Education, and to expose them to the exciting possibilities of a career in our profession.

Interns will participate fully in the ARJE Kallah. They will have the opportunity to meet with members of ARJE and the ARJE Executive Committee, participate in Kallah study sessions with scholars and leaders in the profession, and engage with HUC-JIR professors and experts from the fields of general and Jewish education. This is a wonderful opportunity for potential Jewish educators to study and learn from and with the best and the brightest teachers and scholars currently working in the field of Jewish education.

*The HUC-ARJE Interns Program is funded by a generous grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation; the foundation also provides generous scholarship support to students who are already in the HUC-JIR Schools of Education.

Who we’re looking for:
• College students who grew up in your congregation, who are now away at college
• Local college students who teach in your congregation or come to young adult services or other congregational events
• Young people you’ve met while serving as faculty at camp – either staff or past campers
• People who have shown a passion and commitment to Jewish life
• People who have shown an interest in a career in Jewish education
• Students who have demonstrated leadership potential

**Preference will be given to college juniors and seniors, but any and all recommendations are welcomed! This includes underclass students and recent college graduates who are active in your community.

What we need from you:
In order to nominate an intern, you must complete the online form by November 1 – – for each student you wish to nominate. Please be specific and thorough. In the past few years, we have only been able to accept one-third of all nominees to the program, so your reference is critical to the process of selection!

As a nominator, you can have a unique impact on the applicants because your relationship with them goes beyond the ARJE Kallah. You may have known them for years and watched (and helped!) them grow up, or they may have recently become connected to your synagogue, camp or local Jewish community in a meaningful and ongoing way. Because of your connection, we ask all nominators to:
• Have a conversation with the person you nominate during the application process and (if he or she is accepted into the program) before the Kallah. Share why you love being a Jewish educator, how ARJE has helped you in your professional career, what ARJE Kallot are like, and how interns participate in and are part of the overall Kallah experience. These conversations are critical! Sometimes, applicants seem to think they will be making copies or getting us coffee instead of actually participating in the program!
• During the Kallah, make sure to connect the intern you have nominated with other local educators who can help expand his or her network and perhaps serve as informal mentors; if you do not attend the Kallah, connect the intern with another local educator ahead of time and ask him/her to serve in this mentoring role.
• After the Kallah, follow up! Ask the intern about his/her thoughts, impressions, takeaways and questions. Maintaining a relationship with the intern and helping him or her continue to develop as a Jewish leader is essential in guiding and inspiring him/her to choose this path.

Once you make a nomination, we will e-mail the nominee with a link to the online application, which he/she will need to complete. As always, HUC-JIR and ARJE will pay for airfare (up to a maximum of $400), hotel, ground transportation between the airport and hotel, and meals for interns while they are at the Kallah. As a reminder, the deadline for nominations is November 1, 2013.

We need your help to make this program a success, and thank you in advance for your commitment to recruiting the best and the brightest to our profession!

Questions? Feel free to contact one or both of the HUC-ARJE Internship Program co-chairs;

Jessica Ingram (MARE, 2010) at 202.487.3585 or
Lauren Luskey (MAJE, 2010) at 901.937.2776 or