Posted on February 11th, 2014

See into the Future!

PassigWednesday, March 12, 2014
Meet the Scholar: The Future of Israel & World Jewry – 2050
Presented by Professor David Passig

For a century, most of the scholars have failed miserably to predict the future of Israel. This lecture explains why and suggests a valid methodology with which one can predict with higher reliability the future of Israel and world Jewry.

Dr. David Passig is an Israeli futurist. He is the bestselling author of The Future Code, which won Israel’s Gold Prize, as well as “2048” and “Forecognito.” Passig received his Ph.D. in Anticipatory Anthropology from the University of Minnesota. He specializes in technological futures, as well as social and educational futures. He is an Associate Professor at the Bar-Ilan University in Israel, where he heads the Graduate Program in Information and Communication Technology and the Virtual Reality Laboratory at the School of Education.

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