Posted on June 21st, 2016

The Member Relations Team – Who We Are and What We Do!

The Member Relations Team helps potential and current members of ARJE to begin, build and sustain relationships, both among members and between members and the organization.

Our Member Recruitment Committee, chaired by Barry Shainker, seeks out potential new members of ARJE and encourages their membership in the organization. This committee previously developed and implemented the idea of a “gift membership” to allow those to join for whom finances were previously a barrier. This program will now be evaluated to determine if it is worthwhile to offer again in the future. Additionally, the Member Recruitment Committee continues to develop new strategies to recruit Jewish educational professionals to the ARJE.

The Member Initiation Committee, co-chaired by Alyson Bazeley and Stephanie Schwartz, guides new members through the membership process and provides immediate personal contact within the ARJE. This committee runs the HineiNEW program, which brings together cohorts of new members to meet one another, introduce them to the our organization, and discuss items of relevance to our field as members embark on their initial journeys in the field of Jewish education and/or with the ARJE.

The Member Connections Committee, chaired by Ava Kurnow, establishes personal contact among members in order to build and strengthen relationships both with and within the ARJE. This committee seeks ways to establish regular outreach from the organization to members, and acknowledges milestones within the personal and professional lives of our membership.

Want to get involved with the Member Relations Team, or just have an idea to share? Please contact Member Relations Team Co-Leaders, Gavin Hirsch and Barb Shimansky, or the Member Involvement Co-Chairs, Lori Daitch and Vanessa Ehrlich. We’d love to hear from you!