Posted on February 11th, 2014

Update from the President: NATE Regional Gatherings

Stan and I happened to be in town and were privileged to attend the first LA Area ARJE regional gathering, hosted by Operations Co-coordinator, Lori Daitch, at her home. It was an informal gathering to connect with ARJE colleagues, share a bit about what each of us is doing and share common concerns. A special thanks to Lori for the delicious breakfast she made and gracious hospitality she shared!


photo 1

While we were together, we asked two important questions that came out of the work of the Exploring Member Needs Task Force. Our ARJE leadership discussed the same questions earlier in the year:

  1. What is something you are required to do in your current work for which you were not trained?
  2. What is your most pressing professional need that is not being met?

Perhaps it’s no surprise that the answers from both groups were very similar! Many of the challenges we face are administrative issues that are in some way influenced by economic strains nearly all congregations are feeling and by the pressure we all feel living in a 24-hour, plugged in, make-your-own-ipod-playlist world! That is, in addition to the party-planning, catering and travel agent work that most of us were not trained in, either!

We are eager to hear your answers to these 2 simple, but important questions. Please feel free to be In photo 2touch with me ( or Anne Berman Waldorf to share your answers. We will begin to share the answers we are getting and hopefully very soon you will see new initiatives, big and small, that help us address these areas of shared concern. If you are interested in helping to collect this data or interested in helping us develop responses to the needs we are hearing about, please let me or our Membership Involvement Coordinators (Vanessa Ehrlich or Lynda Gutcheon ) know. Together we can do amazing things for each other!


If you are interested in helping to host a regional gathering in your area, please connect with me or Lori (Lori Daitch We’d be happy to help you and would LOVE your help!