Posted on May 21st, 2016

#WearOrange with NFTY

As we approach the second annual Gun Violence Awareness Day in the United States, NFTY is again “Wearing Orange” on June 2nd. Let’s join our youth in supporting this campaign.

The #WearOrange campaign grew out of tragedy. On January 29th, 2013, just a week after marching in President Obama’s second inaugural parade, 15 year-old Hadiya Pendleton was shot at a park near her school in Chicago. To commemorate her life, her classmates wore orange: the color that symbolizes the value of human life, that hunters wear so no one accidentally shoots them.

This year, NFTY has made tremendous accomplishments in their goal to raise awareness about and prevent gun violence. In the spirit of all that NFTY has done in its campaign against gun violence, this year’s June 2nd theme for our movement is “Action.” NFTY is partnering with Metro IAF’s Do Not Stand Idly By campaign and the Religious Action Center (RAC) as teens across the country take direct action in their local communities through mayoral advocacy, congregational engagement, and local action. Read more about what’s happening on the NFTY blog.

Read more on NFTY’s website.