Posted on February 19th, 2016

Yad b’Yad Recipient: Rabbi Suzie Jacobson

As part of ARJE’s commitment to advocating for the field of Jewish education, the Association presents awards to practitioners whose work exemplify best practices.

2015-16 Yad b’Yad Award: Innovative Approaches to Youth and/or Teen Mental Health Recipient:
Rabbi Suzie Jacobson, Education Director
Temple Israel
Boston, MASuzie-Jacobson

An innovative and successful approach to Temple Israel’s mandatory Monday evening 8th grade class, that allows the students a place to bring their struggles and questions, their hopes and their fears to their Temple community. Inspired by an “Our Whole Lives” training provided by the Universalist Unitarian Organization, Rabbi Jacobson stated, “I believe that before any teen can learn Torah, Jewish History or Prayer, they need to feel like their Jewish community and their Rabbi cares about who they are and what they need.” Rabbi Jacobson wants to credit the work and support of Mike Fishbein, Director of Teen Education at Temple Israel.

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The Yad b’Yad Award, established in 2010, recognizes innovative programming and curricula. The purpose of this award is to share the achievements of our members and draw attention to their exemplary contributions to Jewish education. Each award winner receives a yad in recognition.

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