Responsibility for ARJE’s continuing operations is shared by a close partnership between the organization’s staff and a dedicated corps of volunteer leadership. On the volunteer side, the “Operations” is overseen by two Operations Coordinators and two Membership Involvement Coordinators. They coordinate the activities of five teams, each of which is made up of various committees tasked with managing particular aspects of the organization’s work: Advocacy, Communications, Finance, Membership, and Professional Learning.

Operations Teams

Advocacy Team

Rabbi Melissa Buyer-Witman, RJE, Team Leader
Rabbi Rena Rifkin, RJE, Team Leader

CommitteesAccreditation » Marlene Myerson, RJE, Chair
ARJE Fellows » Sarah Lauing, RJE, Chair
Retirement Resources » Sharon Amster Brown, RJE, and Harriet Levine, RJE, Co-Chairs

Communications Team

Vanessa Ehrlich, RJE, Team Leader
Jay Rapoport, Team Leader

CommitteesARJEachshav (E-Newsletter) » Rabbi Phyllis Sommer, Editor
Facebook » David Perolman, Moderator
Website » Hannah Rubin-Schlansky, Webmaster
Professional Learning Liaison » Jay Rapoport
Member at Large » Rabbi Toby Manewith

Finance Team

Miles Roger, RJE, Team Leader
Rabbi Joe Eiduson, RJE, Team Leader

CommitteesDevelopment » Miles Roger, RJE and Mindy Sherry, RJE, Co-Chairs
Financial Controls » Rabbi Jody Cook, Chair
Investments » Emily Cohen, Chair

Member Relations Team

Alyson Bazeley, Team Leader
Barbara Shimansky, RJE, Team Leader

CommitteesMember Recruitment »Rabbi Stacy Rigler and Barry Shainker, Co-Chairs
Member Initiation » Stephanie Schwartz, Chair
Member Connection » Lori Daitch and Ava Keenen Kurnow, Co-Chairs

Professional Learning Team

Rabbi Nicki Greninger, Team Leader
Marisa Kaiser, RJE, Team Leader
Debra Siroka, RJE, Team Leader

CommitteesContinuing Education » David Cohen, RJE and Laura Perpinyal, RJE, Co-Chairs
Executive Committee Liaison » Marisa Kaiser, RJE
North American Annual Gatherings »
2018 Annual Gathering (Seattle) » Bradley Cohen, RJE and Lauren Taube, RJE, Co-Chairs
2019 Annual Gathering (Washington, D.C.) » Laura Naide, RJE, and Mandy Herlich, RJE, Co-Chairs
Past Annual Gathering » Jed Filler, RJE and Rabbi Roxanne Shapiro, RJE, Co-Chairs