1955, New York City

Raising Standards of Educational Achievements and Religious Commitment in Our Schools

1956, Chicago

Goals and Realities in Religious Education for Reform Judaism

1957, New York City

NATE Takes a Stand on Basic Issues on Reform Jewish Education

1958, Washington

Emerging Patterns of Reform Jewish Education in America

1959, Cincinnati

New Insights from Jewish Scholarship for the Temple Educator

1960, Boston

The Challenge of the 60’s in Jewish Education

1961, Los Angeles

Reform Jewish Education for Leadership in American Jewish Life

1962, St. Louis

Relating Learning to Living: Current Issues in Reform Jewish Education

1963, Miami

Reform Jewish Education for the Family

1964, Phoenix

Tenth Anniversary Conference

1965, Philadelphia

The American Jew: Prospect and Retrospect

1966, Dallas

Affirmations of Faith in an Age of Doubt

1967, Miami

“Thou Hast Sanctified Us By Thy Commandments”

1968, San Francisco

A Time for Learning

1969, Washington

For Our Time: A Philosophy of Jewish Education

1970, Israel

NATE Aliyah: Exploring Israel for Jewish Education in America

1971, Houston

Encounter, Inquiry, Discovery

1972, Toronto

Chai – Toward a Richer Jewish Life

1973, San Diego

Humanistic Values in Jewish Education

1974, Cincinnati

Meeting the Realities of Reform Education

1975, Israel

Exploring Israel for Jewish Education in America

1976, West Palm Beach

Goals and Realities: A Challenge for Now

1977, Los Angeles

Diversity in Jewish Education: Choices and Challenges

1978, San Antonio

Shaping Our Destiny

1979, Washington

Silver Jubilee: More Torah, More Life

1980, Israel

1980 Aliyah Conference in Israel

1981, Denver

Spiritual and Professional Concerns for the 80’s

1982, New York City

The Ecology of Values

1983, Costa Mesa

Choices and Challenges: Visions and Hope

1984, Clearwater

After Bar/Bat Mitzvah, What?

1985, Toronto

Morality and Authority in Jewish Education

1986, Israel-Summer

Insights, Issues and Ideals

1986, Kansas City-Winter

The Hidden Leader: Saving Face and Saving Faith

1987, Houston

From Strength to Strength

1988, Chicago

Kaleidoscope: Unlimited Visions of Jewish Education

1989, Miami

Searching For Our Future – Preparing Jews for the 21st Century

1990, Boston

Impact of Social and Political Issues on Reform Jewish Education

1991, Baltimore (Biennial)

Portraits of Learning: Challenges and Solutions

1992, Long Beach

The Focus is on You: Responsibility and The Jewish Educator

1994, Nashville-Spring

Kallah– Exploring Our Texts

1994, Israel-Summer

Study Seminar – Shared Past and Common Destiny: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?

1994, Albuquerque-Winder

Opening Ourselves to Prayer: Exploring T’Fillah

1995, Atlanta (Biennial)

What Works? Improving Practice Through Research

1996, San Diego-Spring

Kallah – Creating Midrash Through Bible Psychodrama

1996, New York City

Al Sh’losha D’varim: Torah, Tikkun Olam and Tachlis

1997, Dallas (Biennial)

Breaking The Mold: New Trends for a New Century

1998, Clearwater Beach

Setting The Agenda: Linking Past Present and Future

1999, Cleveland-Spring

Kallah–From Exodus 12 to the Maxwell House Haggadah: Our Textual Heritage
Constructivist Learning: A Curricular Model for Empowering Students

2000, Israel-Summer

Study Seminar – NATE 2000: Opening the Gates to a New Tomorrow

2000, San Francisco

K’dushat Ha-Hora-ah: The Holiness of Teaching

2001, Boston (Biennial)

Culture and Kehillah: The Heart of Our Educational Institutions

2002, New Orleans

Hineini: I am here, I am ready . . . . creating an environment of faith

2003, Lake Las Vegas

Winter (December): Western Regional Kallah
Lilmod U’Letaken: An Experience in Jewish Service Learning

2004, Cincinnati

Spring (March): Midwestern Regional Kallah Lilmod V’Lizkor: Celebrating 350 Years of the American Jewish Experience

2004, Miami

Spring (June): Eastern Regional Kallah
Lilmod U’Lehavin: Using What We Know About Learning to Improve Teaching

2004, New York City

NATE at 50: Honoring Our Past, Envisioning the Future of Jewish Education (50th Anniversary Conference)

2005, Israel-Summer

Seminar: Zimrat Ha’Aretz: The Many Fruits of Israel

2005, Houston

Pre-Biennial with URJ: Symposium on Adolescence

2006, Newport Beach (January)

Jewish Family Systems: Challenge and Change

2006, Kansas City (December)

The Ties That Bind Us: Talmud Torah, Middot, Israel & Hebrew

2007, Israel (Summer)

Seminar: Acharyut: From Response to Responsibility

2007, San Diego

Pre-Biennial with URJ: Symposium on Gender and Jewish Education

2008, Boulder

Spring Kallah: T’filah with Intention: Balancing Keva and Kavanah

2009, Nashville (January)

Thinking Outside the Box: Jewish Learning Beyond the Synagogue Walls

2009, Toronto

Pre-Biennial with URJ: Symposium on Jewish Identity

2010, Washington

Spring Kallah: The More Justice, the More Peace: Affecting Change Through Advocacy

2011, Seattle (Jan-Feb)

Imagineering: Jewish Education for the 21st Century

2011, Washington

Biennial with URJ: Education Summit on Youth Engagement

2012, San Antonio

Spring Kallah: Rethinking Professional Development with Learning Forward

2012, Phoenix

Curricular Innovation Through the Lens of Project-Based Learning

2014, Chicago

Spring Kallah: Inspiring Innovation in Israel Education

2015, Philadelphia

Engaging Our Changing Jewish Community

2016, 18 Cities Across N. America

Yom Iyun: An International Day of Learning on Youth and Adolescent Mental Health

2017, St. Louis

The Intentional Leader: Charting and Navigating the Waters

2016, 18 Cities Across N. America

Yom Iyun: An International Day of Learning on Youth and Adolescent Mental Health

2018, Seattle (January)

Disruptive Thinking in Jewish Education: Ideas in Action

2019, Washington (January)

The Nachson Effect: Facing The Sea of Change

2020, Denver (January)

A Summit on Excellence

2021,  Virtual

Reflect, Refresh, Refocus

2022, Baltimore

Turn It and Turn It: Encounters With Jewish Wisdom 

2023, Houston

Healthy Leaders, Healthy Learners: Supporting the Well-Being of the Whole Community