Sixty-five years ago, the founders of the Association of Reform Jewish Educators (formerly NATE) turned their vision to alter the landscape of Reform Jewish education into a reality by forging “an agenda to elevate and secure the status of a Reform education profession.”* As inheritors of that legacy, the ARJE’s leadership continues to work for the advancement of Reform Jewish Education by providing high quality professional learning experiences, offering collegial support and advocating on behalf of the Jewish educator.

As we look to the ARJE’s future and its potential to serve the Jewish people by inspiring excellence in Jewish education through increased learning opportunities, career services and established professional networks, the need to grow and diversify our income streams is apparent. Currently, almost 65% of the ARJE’s income comes from membership dues.

Our new mission calls on us also to be the voice of Reform Jewish education and to inspire excellence in Jewish education. Our current reliance on membership contributions impedes the introduction of additional and dynamic programming that would enable us to greater meet this vision. As we look to strengthen our endowment and expand funding for additional programming and services, we need your support. We invite you to help the ARJE make an impact on the present and future of Jewish education.

The ARJE maintains a number of funds that help to support our members and various aspects of the organization’s work. For a detailed description of all the ARJE funds, click on the VIEW FUNDS link below. Contact ARJE Development Director Rachel Perten to discuss your support of the ARJE.

Thank you for your support!

* Bennett, Alan. The Vision and the Will, New York: URJ Press, 2005.