List Of Funds

ARJE maintains a number of active funds that help to support our members and various aspects of the organization’s work. You can donate to any of these funds online, or by contacting the ARJE Development Director, Rachel Perten to make a pledge or send a check.

Alan D. Bennett Scholar Endowment Fund

Purpose: Provides funding for an annual scholar during an ARJE professional development gathering.

This fund was established on the occasion of Alan’s 50th anniversary in Jewish education. Each year, a Bennett Scholar, chosen by the ARJE and honoring Alan’s dedication to both the ARJE and to Jewish education, will teach the next generation of Jewish educators–thus permanently recognizing his contribution to the field.

As a founder and early president of the ARJE (formerly NATE), Alan Bennett helped create the profession of temple educator while building the ARJE conference into a major gathering of Jewish professionals. During his career — as a temple educator and a bureau of Jewish education director — he was also a prominent leader in the wider Jewish world, serving on and chairing national education boards and commissions, writing and speaking extensively.

ARJE Operating Budget

Purpose: To support the ongoing work of the ARJE to fulfill our mission.

The ARJE operating budget supports the annual operations of the ARJE, enabling the ARJE to be the voice of Reform Jewish Education, advance the profession of the Jewish Educator and inspire excellence in Jewish education.

Distinguished Educator Fund

Purpose: Established as a means to honor educators for professional milestones. Provides seed money for a new or innovative professional development program that will be of benefit to ARJE members.

Past Distinguished Educator Fund recipients

Faye Tillis Lewy Scholarship Fund

Purpose: Provides scholarships to ARJE members to participate in an ARJE-sponsored professional learning opportunity.

Faye Tillis Lewy, ז״ל, worked as a regional educator for the Great Lakes Council Chicago Federation of the Union for Reform Judaism (formerly known as the UAHC), where she spent time working with educators in isolated parts of her region. Through this work, Faye discovered the need to assist and encourage these educators to participate in ARJE programs and to create a network of contacts through this interaction. Faye and her family established this fund to allow educators from under-resourced or under-served communities to attend an ARJE conference or kallah.

General Endowment Fund

Purpose: The ARJE is a vibrant organization that works to nurture the professional growth of Jewish educators dedicated to Reform Jewish education. This fund provides much-needed monies to help the ARJE offer important services to its members.

Past Presidents’ Fund

Purpose: Provides scholarships to ARJE members to participate in an ARJE-sponsored professional learning opportunity.

This fund was created to honor the esteemed past presidents of our organization in order to assist an ARJE member who might otherwise be unable to attend an ARJE conference or kallah due to financial constraints. In addition to assisting ARJE members in their professional development, it will help them to build a network of contacts in the field of Reform Jewish education.

Pauline Tannenbaum Fund

Purpose: Established in cooperation with family members to honor the memory of Pauline Tannenbaum through the recruitment of new educators to the field of Jewish education.

60th Anniversary Professional Development Fund

Purpose: Established in honor of our 60th anniversary. This fund furthers the professional development of those aiming to advance Reform Jewish education. The funds can be used to support programs, speakers, events, or any other professional development offering or opportunity the ARJE sponsors or endorses.

Richard M. Morin First-Timers Fund

Purpose: Richard M. Morin, Past President and Executive Vice-President/Executive Director of the ARJE (formerly NATE), loved to welcome new members into the ARJE. In honor of Richard’s retirement in 1997, this fund was established as a fitting tribute in recognition of Dick’s love of being with ARJE members and welcoming people into the organization.

Rolf W. Schickler Fund

Purpose: Welcomes graduates from HUC-JIR education programs into the ARJE. Additionally helps to fund a welcome program for new ARJE members.

This fund was established to honor the memory of founder and past president Rolf W. Schickler, ז״ל. Rolf was one of the first individuals to receive an MA in Jewish Education from HUC-JIR in Cincinnati. Years later, through his work as an educator in Cincinnati and after his retirement, Rolf worked closely with students at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. During the time that Rolf was actively involved in the ARJE (formerly NATE), he especially enjoyed welcoming new members to our organization.

Sharon S. Morton Fund

Purpose: Created in cooperation with Am Shalom Congregation to support the work of Vatikei ARJE, the ARJE’s retired members.

Establishing a New Fund

You may establish a named fund with a minimum contribution of $10,000 over three years. The Fund and its purpose require approval by ARJE’s board of directors.
For more information on giving opportunities or other ways you can support the important work of ARJE, please contact Rabbi Stacy Rigler, RJE, ARJE Executive Director.