Association of Reform Jewish Educators response to the URJ Ethics Report


February 18, 2022

In response to the Union for Reform Judaism’s Ethics Report, The Association of Reform Jewish Educators stands with and supports the survivors, families and bystanders both named and unnamed. We are saddened to read about the range of painful experiences, sexual misconduct and unsafe work environments which occurred in places which we treasure as safe and holy environments. We partner with our colleagues as we discover where our movement has erred and work to ensure safety, respect, and equity in our Reform educational settings.

As the voice of Reform Jewish education we commit to providing the support and resources needed to create safe Jewish educational environments for all of our youth, as well as training. We will come together as colleagues to understand the content of this report as we inspire excellence in our field.

It is in moments like this that we also take pride in the new ARJE Code of Ethics. The ARJE is committed to working toward a time where every space an ARJE member is employed or volunteering upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct. If you are the survivor of unethical behavior or wish to make a report as a third party around the conduct of a Reform Jewish educator, contact