The ARJE accreditation process helps an institution evaluate and validate its educational program, whose central purpose should be Jewish learning. Jewish education prepares the lifelong learner for a committed and active Jewish life of worship, social action, celebration, observance of Mitzvot, relationship with Israel and quest for God. An institution accredited by the Association of Reform Jewish Educators places Jewish learning as the central goal of the entire community, sees itself in partnership with the home and the general community, and reflects in its practices the spirit of Reform Judaism.

The ARJE Accreditation Committee sets up and implements a structured evaluation process for participation by interested schools. Schools that are endorsed by the ARJE receive the benefit of taking part in an enriching assessment process and hold the honor of saying that they are ARJE Accredited. This committee is led by Marlene Myerson, RJE.

The following are the accreditation goals: Shared Vision, Educational Leadership, Resources/Infrastructure, Lifelong Learning, Interaction Among Stakeholders, Culture and Climate, Content Expectations, Planned Curriculum, Effective Teaching/Programmatic Staff, and Self-Evaluation: A Commitment to Process. The ARJE’s goal is to have institutions embrace each of these values, which are defined below, through the accreditation process.