Marlene Myerson, RJE, Robin Eisenberg, RJE, and Rina Liebeskind

Brought to you by the ARJE Advocacy Team

Have you ever considered getting your religious school accredited? On this webinar, Marlene Myerson, RJE and Robin Eisenberg, RJE, present and past chairs of the ARJE Accreditation committee, will inform you of this process and the value-added it can bring to both your school and community.

The Webinar will describe ARJE Accreditation, including:

• the benefits of ARJE Accreditation
• the ARJE Accreditation process, and
• the steps leading towards Accreditation

To view or download slides of the presentation, click here.

ARJE Accreditation: How to Make a Good School Great! (May 11, 2017) from ARJE on Vimeo.